The Tie: a symbol of Style

Canepa is the market leader in Jacquard and printed tie fabrics. In terms of finished product, every year it produces over 1 million ties, while customers have always been the big names in the high-end international market. As well as creating specifically-tailored collections, Canepa offers customers a collection created by its in-house designers.

The company produces 900,000 meters of Jacquard fabric in single height (140 cm), over 15,000 Jacquard designs, and around 5,000 printed designs. Controlled by advanced technology, 70 looms, operating at 500 picks per minute per loom, determine the color, weave, and design of the individual tie. A single operator can oversee 7 looms, enabling the production base to meet the demands and deadlines of all customers.

The Product

A mainstay of Canepa’s production since the very beginning, the tie is the accessory that springs to mind when you think of Italian garment manufacturing. With styles ranging from classic and elegant to modern and original, every tie produced by Canepa fabrics brings with it all the company’s experience and the incredible quality of the fabrics. And it doesn’t stop there.

In addition to drawing on unique abilities in terms of stylistic vision, the company’s designers can avail of the very latest technologies, plus a source of inspiration that is the only one of its kind: the design library, which contains 15,000 volumes and antique documents. A museum of elegance.