Charter of Values

Sharing the Values for Growth over Time

Canepa’s workers, employees and management have sought to define the values that inspire the company’s business, so we can offer them to our clients and suppliers for their consideration and, should they share these values, we can all adopt them every day on a personal and professional level.

  • Innovation. Here at Canepa, we are determined in our focus on innovation. We believe that alongside our company’s rich tradition we must constantly strive towards the new in every aspect that could be useful for the development of new ideas, new offers and new possibilities in every area and in our professional and daily lives.

  • Research. Here at Canepa, we believe, promote and recognize that research is an essential tool to reach our targets on the way towards our higher aspirations; we dedicate our attention, resources and commitment towards research so we can reach new frontiers in the world of textiles. Our specific goal is to become the benchmark for Italian textile styles

  • Quality. The pursuit of an excellent quality standard is at the center of our existence; our aim is to offer the marketplace products and services that stand out with their quality: quality materials, quality research, quality styles and quality inventions in everything we do and at every point of our lives.

  • Value of people. Here at Canepa, we recognize the key value of all kinds of people and as such we also encourage the development of their working lives. We think that the key resource and condition for any success is people, considered in the entirety of their interests and individuality. We are sure that companies are made by their employees and we want to pay tribute and recognition to this strength.

  • Patronage. Here at Canepa, we dedicate our efforts to the beauty and arts across our region; we are dedicated to preserving and enhancing these assets, promoting activities and events that allow everyone to enjoy this beauty, style and everything that the world of art has to give us.

  • Philanthropy. Here at Canepa, we have decided to direct our efforts towards charity, since we think it’s fair that we’re dedicated to caring for our neighbors and those struggling in a constant search for common prosperity for everyone.

  • Ecology. Here at Canepa, we are concerned about the future and protecting our planet. Consequently, we try and do what’s best for the Earth, safe in the knowledge that it belongs as much to us as it does to future generations and we intend to pass it on to them in the same state as it was to us.

  • Efficiency. Here at Canepa, we focus on efficiency at every time of day and in every single action. Our specific goal is to transfer this efficiency to our products and our customers. Efficiency is a vital requirement for achieving excellence, which is our business’s daily target; to be efficient means to use our resources, to maximize their use and to direct them towards clear, achievable goals. Efficiency is possible thanks to our continued investment in technology and machinery. A high level of efficiency constitutes our personal fulfillment and a collective guarantee for our future.

  • Team spirit. Here at Canepa, we are a cohesive team of professionals. Our goal is to be the very best in our sector and to offer the best products: we are all motivated by a shared team spirit which guides us in everything we do and in our daily conduct. The balance of the entire company is stabilized every day thanks to our excellent relationship throughout the industry with all the people involved, from our employees to our suppliers.