Excellence in fabrics is Canepa’s trademark

With its fabric division, Canepa is one of the leading names in Italian manufacturing for top international stylists
For over 50 years it has been recognized for singular reliability and quality in producing silk fabrics for the high-end market segment. Dialogue and ongoing cooperation with international designers and with retail and sportswear brands results in the creation of fabrics and the development of new colors and designs, all to meet the needs of a highly demanding market.

Ongoing research and experimentation with varieties of fibers enables Canepa to rapidly create original solutions with innovative stylistic effects and sensory characteristics of the fabric, while always ensuring excellent results. This means that stylists and garment-makers can count on a productive capacity that combines the efficiency of tried-and-tested procedures with the capacity to build on creative inputs, making it possible to create designs and products on request

Jacquard Fabrics

Canepa works with the leading Italian and international brands in fashion and prêt-a-porter. Working hand-in-hand with customers to develop the brand-new materials, special designs, new colors and exclusive collections they need.

Creative staff make up around 25% of the fabric division team and work to develop products, often to order. Although having the latest technology, many designers at the company still prefer to work by hand, creating unique and original designs.

Printed Fabrics

Print production is the responsibility of two units. Around 100 persons work on printed fabrics, supported by 8 self-scaling wheeled tables, 7 rotating tables, and 3 sample tables. The ink-jet department is another key production unit, comprising 10 print machines. Always looking to the future, Canepa was one of the first companies to invest in new technologies and to develop digital printing. And a policy of keeping production processes right up to date is what enables Canepa to remain innovative, as well as an inventor of original methods.

Single-color Fabrics

Silk takes pride of place in this production. Thanks to technology and experimentation, however, Canepa can extend its experience and unmistakable Italian style to fibers like cashmere, linen, wool, cotton, viscose, acetate and nylon. And working with this mix of fibers enables Canepa to experiment and therefore excel in the creation of all that is considered modern and cutting-edge in the quality fabrics sector.