A fashion in favour of the environment

Industry, the textile industry in particular, has always been considered one of the main causes of damage to the environment. The consumption and waste of primary resources used in the production processes and the harmful substances used have serious repercussions on the ecosystem and the health of people. This is why Canepa fulfils the commitment to respect and protect the environment by adopting a new patented production technology, able to drastically reduce the levels of water and energy consumption compared to traditional manufacturing processes.

Canepa’s innovation (laboratory data, source: CNR-Ismac): reduction in the consumption of water per kg of textile from 300lt to 20lt; reduction in the temperature of the washing process for textiles from 70/90° to 30/40; reduction in energy consumed per kg of textile from 22,500 kcal to 600 kcal; reduction in CO2 emissions per kg of textile: from 13.9 kg CO2 to 0.37 kg CO2.

Energy efficiency: a decisive step towards sustainability

The key points of Canepa’s environmental policy focus on achieving this objective. To replace and modernize systems and machinery by choosing more efficient alternative models with a lower environmental impact; to monitor consumption and to prioritize the use of energy generated from renewable sources: these are the steps we’ve already taken which, along with the steps planned for the future, will help us to achieve this major target more quickly for everyone’s well-being.

Energy audits have led to the creation of projects aimed at reducing the company’s energy consumption. The monitoring system includes the installation of 25 in-house measuring points that offer submetering to support our main technological work on the lighting systems, as well as on the production and distribution of compressed air and air conditioning.

We are able to optimize our electricity consumption through our solar panel system, which provides 30% of our annual energy requirements, as well as by the installation of a modern air treatment system for the weaving rooms, featuring Inverter technology. This also means we have access to the White Certificate incentive scheme, which certifies any energy savings achieved by implementing specific measures. These certificates represent a major incentive for all companies to reduce their energy consumption.

Canepa was recently invited to take part in a pilot project on energy efficiency. This project involved about 50 Italian companies, with one being selected per sector.