In 1999 Canepa opened its furnishings division. The aim was to cover an area seemingly quite different from clothing, but a long history in the textiles sector has ensured the success of this new business line. Thanks to the transfer of its technical and creative approach to the furnishing fabrics sector, and the considerable production capacity of 150 looms, from the start the furnishings division has been acclaimed as one of the top makers of fabrics in the world.

In 2003 the division was awarded the prestigious Seri.co certification, which guarantees the quality and observance of health and safety requirements of the finished fabric and of its production system.

Canepa’s participation since 2004 at the Proposte trade fair for the leading makers of fabrics and curtains in Europe has become a regular event, at which Canepa presents products of exceptional quality and innovative value.

In 2012 another milestone testified to the success of the (now well-established) furnishings division, when Canepa obtained CSI Med certification for supplying marine equipment.

Canepa Contract Collection

The Canepa contract collection is the new proposal of the Canepa furnishing fabrics department aimed at the contract business. It is composed of 10 designs (165 sku’s in total), from the classic damask to modern geometries, textures and plains. The collection meets the British Standard fire regulamentations, the IMO certification will be available in 2018. Other certifications are available upon requests. The technical sheet of each fabric is available upon request.

Minimums of production: 100mt per colour.
Special designs and special colours can be developed with minimum of 100mt.

The fabrics are realised with fireproof nylon and fireproof polyester, studied to be suitable for decorative and upholstery use. The fabrics are woven in our productions facilities in Italy, following the eco-sustainable policies that Canepa have developed and applied for years.


Since 2014, the Canepa Furnishings Division has been taking part in the Proposte Fair (Como), showcasing its new collections, its work in the field of sustainability and its new projects, and did so once again in the latest edition.