Legal information

Legal information

Canepa S.p.A.
Registered office: Via Trinità, 1 - 22042 San Fermo della Battaglia (CO) 
Fully paid-up share capital: € 13.000.000
Economic and Administrative Index Number: CO-293548 
VAT number and Tax Code: 03058280136 

Organisation, Management and Control System
The Organisation, Management and Control System of Canepa S.p.A. (model ex Leg. Decree 231/2001) in accordance with Italian law, can be viewed at the following link: view document.

General Conditions of Sale
The complete document containing the General Conditions of Sale of Canepa S.p.A. can be viewed at the following link: view document.

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Quotes for commentary, criticism or review are possible, provided that they contain the name of the author, the source, web address. The contents offered by the Canepa S.p.A. website, which may be changed at any time and without any prior notice, is prepared with the utmost care and diligence, and undergoes thorough checking before publication.

However, the undersigned company declines all and every responsibility towards users and other third parties for any delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions deriving from the aforesaid contents; reporting of any errors or inaccuracies is therefore welcome.

More generally, unless otherwise provided by law, Canepa S.p.A. cannot be held in any way responsible for any damages caused, directly or indirectly, by access to the site, inability or impossibility of accessing it, by the truthfulness of the information contained herein or its use.

Link disclaimer
Links from other sites to the first page of the website or to its internal pages are permitted, without any request for authorization; notification of the link is appreciated. 
Canepa S.p.A. reserves the right to request the removal of links to its own site if these links are included in sites that are obscene or otherwise contrary to morality and offensive or detrimental to its image.

Framing and every other similar form of reproduction is strictly prohibited without written authorization from Canepa S.p.A.

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