heritage and more

Business heritage and more than fifty years of Italian textile tradition for a collection of fabrics and innovative and eclectic products produced by our workforce and the talent of our long-established weaving mill and the collaboration and professionalism of exclusive and specialised partners.

Canepa proposes traditional silk fabrics and blends with other fibres, artificial fibres expressed in fluid satins and parachute canvas, synthetic embossed and coated fibres, clean, modern cottons and double-faced crepe and linen wools alternate and complete each other with print techniques and high-performance technical treatments and with jacquard, at times spectacular at times minimal. All this and more, in ongoing creative and qualitative research.
heritage and more
The Canepa Team can rely on fabric professionals with more than 30 years of experience: designers, paper pattern makers, polishers, weavers, loom supervisors, variation experts, brush artists, textile technicians and lab technicians work together and create the business expertise. Dedicated teams are at the service of their customers every day to suggest, develop and produce customised and exclusive fabrics.

Made in Italy

Italian expertise in silk production goes back a long way and is inextricably linked to the production of the artisan workshops. The production district of Como has contributed to the success of Italian designers and fashion worldwide, thanks to its quality and the imagination of its creations. Italian products are carriers of Italian savoir-faire and its know-how, of aesthetic Italian culture, of the inclination to appreciate what is beautiful and precious with authentic heritage.
<strong>Made in Italy</strong>
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