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Companies are made of people. The human capital of Canepa, the men and the women who work there, have made Canepa the company it is today, thanks to their professionalism, dedication and personality. Their team spirit has steered this company through trends, crises and moments of glory, where everyone re-invents themselves every day to renew the strength, professionalism and freshness of the company.

Canepa is committed to protecting our future and our planet. Ecological and sustainable commitment in all its forms are an integral part of each process, from design to final production.


Canepa supports innovation through constant focus on research and experimentation of new techniques and technologies to renew existing products or create new ones.
Close attention to technological renewal of existing machinery and the introduction of new machinery with improved and innovative performance makes the company state-of-the-art.
Canepa constantly seeks new sources of inspiration in modern living, art, social media, everyday life and business and territorial heritage. A way of operating which is constantly enriched in the pursuit of customisation for and with its customers.
Canepa pursues quality in each single aspect by focusing on service, performance of the fabric, details of realisation of a print or jacquard design and colour shade. The same quality steers the company in communication with customers.
Canepa aims at efficiency to transfer it to its products and to the projects of its customers. An essential point of departure to support quality, research and innovation.
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