Fabrics made with the most modern print technologies, structures and novel finishes, constant research with a view to sustainability: for more than 50 years the fabric division for Canepa fashion has been the premier place for major international designers.
The collection is geared to high-end customers with a stylistic range of great creative scope, whilst offering a knowledgeable mix of economically sustainable and technologically cutting-edge fabrics which satisfy the most demanding stylistic and performance needs of the luxury and affordable luxury market.
Dialogue and the relationship of collaboration with international designers, the retail and sportswear brands, give way to the creation of products that carry the development of new colours and designs, conceived to satisfy the requests of an ever-demanding market.
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Silk is the queen of production, but thanks to the combination of technology, experimentation, experience and Made in Italy style, it extends to fibres such as cashmere, linen, wool, cotton, viscose, acetate and nylon.
Weaving with this mix of fibres allow Canepa to experiment, and therefore to stand out, in the creation of all that is considered modern and cutting-edge in the field of fine fabrics.

Jacquard fabrics
Canepa serves the key Italian and international brands of fashion and prêt à porter. Through ongoing collaboration, it develops innovative materials, special designs, new colours and exclusive collections. Creative talents in the fashion division team develop the product, also to satisfy specific needs and requests. Despite the support of technology, many designers of the company work by hand, giving life to unique and original designs.
Printed fabrics
The company was among the first to invest in new technology and to develop digital print. The method of updating the production processes allows the company to be constantly at the forefront, as well as the creator of new production methods. 
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