the centerpieces

The tie is the accessory that best represents the strength of Made in Italy manufacturing and it has always been the centrepiece of Canepa production.
From classical and elegant to the most modern and original style, each Canepa product carries all the experience of the company and the absolute quality of the fabrics.
Canepa has always been an absolute reference point for solid, jacquard and printed tie fabrics. 70 looms, at 500 picks per minute that determine colour, weave and design of the single tie, allow the company to realise specifically designed collections for its Italian and international customers, taking from the vast internal archive or suggesting new designs thanks to the dedicated in-house group. The presence of looms for gauze, dedicated lines and the possibility of realising all-over and placed designs, make it possible to meet every need.

<strong>the centerpieces</strong>

sartorial skill

Canepa manufacture involves many more sartorial passages: a highly specialised in-house workshop and qualified staff realise finished ties and samples with maximum speed.

tricot at the forefront

The industrial capacity together with artisan experience, handed down over time, together with the new textile technologies and the extraordinary historical archive, makes the Tricot division of Canepa a worldwide production reality. The organisation of production and the wide range of machines offers the possibility to produce all types of knitted accessories requested by the market: ties, pocket squares, papillons, scarves, ponchos, hats and gloves. The strong point, in addition to the large production capacity together with fast prototyping, is the constant investment in product research which, season after season, allows to present new stitches, models and yarns to the market. The high level of professionalism and the vast experience in weaving and in the finished product, together with the possibility to customise the product with embroidery and customised packaging, makes each collection exclusive.
<strong>tricot at the forefront</strong>
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