XXVII edition of Milano Unica

From July 10th to July 12th 2018, Canepa presented new collections A/I 2019-20

From July 10th to July 12th 2018, Canepa took part to XXVII edition of Milano Unica and presented the extraordinary sustainable collections of clothing and accessories for the Fall Winter 2019-20.For years, the company has been investing with foresight into research and development for a more environmentally sustainable industry, producing solid, tangible results year after year with the patent Kitotex® SAVEtheWATER® a revolutionary method of weaving that eliminates microplastics in the processing of fabrics, replacing them with chitosan, a substance of natural origin, non-toxic, biocompatible and biodegradable, obtained from the chitin contained in the shellfish exoskeleton, recovered from food waste.Chitosan allows to reduce up to 90% the consumption of water, also hot, and 40% of energy with considerable CO2 savings. This extraordinary patent has the scope of one revolution in textiles and fashion.
At Milano Unica, Canepa presented the newest sustainable collections A/I 2019-20, that has found an extraordinary interest from visitors.

The sustainable collection continues with new reinforcements on the already tested viscose bases with FSC certified yarn , the brocaded jacquards will be proposed with fibers coming from the recycling of polyester (plastic bottles waste), cottons and regenerated wool. Moreover, with the recent GOTS certification , new organic cottons are dyed with sustainable dyes and prints in full respect of our planet. Also new are the 100% GOTS jacquard developments in silk-dyed mercerized cotton / yarn.
The united spaces will range from the classic silky items to the heaviest drill and woolen silk sashes dyed in raw with technical and snappy hands. The viscose, fluid in the cady and satin versions, are always protagonists with the addition of mono-nylon nylon that give the fabrics a roundness and shine.

The jacquard collection is increasingly directed towards cloqué articles with three-dimensionality and relief perspectives to enhance the designs. Wool and new fancy yarns are used in tubular fabrics and triple layers that give it the right weight and thickness. The new shades of color and lurex shine complement the evening part of the collection. A new prototyping proposal arises from the desire to propose a package of experimental and unique articles. The designs are sought after and reinterpreted in a modern key also classic motifs like animalier, cashmere and floral. The weaves are designed to enhance the characteristics of the fibers used: silks, cottons and linens are mixed with wool, polyester and lurex to create fabrics that no longer distinguish between the seasons. The light fil coupè are flanked by brocades and matelassé. The choice of colors and the combinations between glossy and opaque develop modern and trendy variations.
magnificent mix of eco-sustainable materials , organic cottons, organic polyester and recycled nylon, vegetable dyes. Extraordinary luxury double, coupled with organs, jersey and very thin membranes. Jaquards inspired by both mono and multicolor furnishings, enriched with chenille and rubber borders, basic geometry and architectural, three-dimensional changes. Mix of decorations and technology where the fibers are performing, technical, water-repellent and breathable. Denim jacquard jeans with fil coupé, rubber, overcoated with shiny insertions.

For further information: info@canepa.it