XXVI edition of Proposte 2018

Canepa presents the furnishing fabrics for contemporary living and the new Contract collection.

In the magnificent atmosphere of Villa Erba in Cernobbio, Canepa presents to the international public of Proposte - the greatest exhibition of fabrics in furnishing and window treatment - their production of fabrics dedicated to interiors for padded, curtains and cushions. In the whole collection, savoir-faire and technological know-how of the company come to light, expressing refined making of unique textiles produced in valued yarns. 
Shiny and opaque yarns are singularly combined in exclusive jacquard fabrics, which are all made in Italy. Textures are strongly inspired by the themes of nature, that give birth to plants, flowers and leaves paintings, in an elegant effect between micro and macro patterns, sometimes emphasized by relief surfaces and refined coordination of materials, attaining innovative consistency, three-dimensional and irregular structures in rich and multi-layers textiles of particular preciousness. 
Established in 1966, but with origins in the silk industry since the beginning of the Twentieth century, Canepa SpA opened their furnishing division in 1999, transferring their expertise from the production of top-of-the-line clothing fabrics to the world of interiors, another made in Italy of excellency. Thanks to their remarkable productive capacity, ensured by 150 looms, their fabrics for interior décor are internationally recognised for their beauty and creative originality. 
The new collection is partly developed on a more abstract and geometric iconography, led by tones in line with the most minimal furnishing concepts. 

The whole palette of colours is absolutely innovative, resulting from the extensive research inspired by the valuable heritage of Canepa, contained in the 15000 volumes of the company ancient archives. Shades of green are taken to turquoise, paired to the tones of brown and taupe, and with the presence of rose and mauve. Single-coloured woven are present and coordinated with printed woven or for a monochromatic use. The collection promotes natural fibres such as silk, linen, wool, cotton or artificial fibres like viscose, in many weight variations. 
In the last few years, the company has been committing in the research for innovative solutions, aimed to reduce environmental impact in textile production. Canepa has chosen to invest in research to find remedies for this issue and has refined a set of patents that have the importance of a true revolution. Innovation in the industrial process and the SAVEtheWATER® Kitotex® patent of Canepa SpA have given origin to a new era in the world of furnishing fabrics, where quality and beauty in materials are added to the overriding value of the respect for the planet.

For further information please write us at this email address div-arredamento@canepa.it