La Rana

La Rana

La Rana offers a style that is simple but full of personality, eschewing intrusive logos that stifle the good taste and identity both of the brand and of the person who wears it. 
It’s inspired by creativity, the ability to stand out, and imagination.

A true story of people (and products)

La Rana began in 1980 when the young Beppe Tavola, a dropout from medical school who had always had a passion for dressing well, had an idea. Unable to find swimming costumes that he liked, he decided to make them himself, using as the brand the nickname that a friend had jokingly given his newborn daughter, Ludovica. Beppe Tavola offered a small collection to a few shops, meeting with immediate favor which shortly grew into success.

So much success, in fact, that it became a full-blown business that was too big for him to handle on his own. He sold it to a big men’s clothing company that was a huge presence on the Italian scene at the time, and with this support he was able to continue his work. Regrettably, as often happens, product, taste and distribution strategies started to diverge, leading to Beppe Tavola’s dropping out as stylist, and the La Rana brand continued under different creative management which led it, unfortunately, and very quickly, to stop presenting collections and be forgotten.

After many years, Beppe Tavola, who never left the sector and had brought his vision as a consultant stylist to many other companies, decided to buy it back. With support from Elisabetta Canepa, owner of one of Italy’s biggest textile companies and able to translate any idea into top-class products, he succeeded. And so we have La Rana of today, looking just as great as it did then and with the same energy: the energy to revive and relaunch a new concept of taste – one that’s playful, simple and colorful.


Materials like linen, cotton and cashmere, a prized fabric with a fineness and lightness achievable only with specially-designed looms and technologically advanced methods, make our scarves utterly unique. Inimitable printing techniques, unique designs and wonderful colors combine to make products that stand apart.


An extremely light nylon that enables swimming costumes to dry exceptionally quickly, while at the same time giving colors an intensity that’s almost silken – this is what customers appreciate the most. The aim is to create designs and variations that are very playful and highly recognizable, which stand out from everything else on the market, not forgetting solid colors and mini tie motifs. A huge range of patterns completes the collection.

Polo shirts

The ideal complement to the swimwear collection has always been the polo shirt. The range of polo shirts on the market is huge and, in the company’s quest to be different, it necessarily had to consider unusual materials that bring a great effect. Such as, for example, the idea of reintroducing terry cloth, which was very popular many years ago, and which is exceptionally light and cool. The garment-dyeing process has created amazing colors, the shirt has been printed with some of the motifs from the swimwear range, and we’ve added super-thin stripes.

Pocket squares

The colourful prints of these pocket squares were inspired by the lively, recognisable patterns often seen on swimwear, with one important difference: the material. Pure silk highlights the designs’ details while making them pleasing aesthetically and to the touch.