Celebrating Her Majesty

Three exhibitions to celebrate the Queen Elisabeth’s 90th birthday

2016 marks the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II who, with her consistently highly distinguished wardrobe, has seen 10 decades of the history of fashion come and go. Three exhibitions will be opening their doors to trace this wonderful journey through British fashion, showcasing the best outfits of the country’s longest-reigning monarch. In the first of the three exhibitions, “Tartan in royal dress”, which will open on 21 April, at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, will feature a violet overcoat, among various other items. It is made from a fabric, a mix of silk and wool, produced by Canepa, while the complete outfit, worn by Queen Elizabeth during the opening of the Scottish Parliament, on 1 July 1999, was designed by Sandra Murray: a piece of Italian tradition at the heart of British history. The exhibition will then move to Buckingham Palace on 23 July, and then to Windsor Castle on 17 September. All in all, there are around 150 items on show, each one specifically chosen for their particular link with the location of the exhibition. Happy birthday Her Majesty!


Published on 25 April 2016

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