Partner to the big names in Fashion

Intermoda is the market leader in the private label market, with satisfied, loyal customers in Italy and abroad. It is a reliable partner to designer labels in the distribution of accessories worldwide, both directly and under license. Twenty thousand new designs a year, tailor-level care in making products, and step-by-step service all enable the company to meet every development and fashion collection need.
Intermoda is part of a well-known textiles group with 500 employees and a turnover of over 80 million euro, which in recent years has become the best-known weaver of silks thanks to its ongoing attention to style and its commitment to a 100% Italian-made product. Product development is supported by over 30 textile CAD/CAM graphics workstations, able to produce over 20,000 new designs every year.

Intermoda, as the finished products division of the Group, is at the top of the production pyramid and acts as an exclusive partner, serving a sophisticated customer base. With a range of extremely high-end products, it is able to stand out in an extremely competitive and innovative market.
Intermoda works hand-in-hand with the most famous designer labels in the fashion sector, for which it makes, warehouses, and ships worldwide finished products, including ties, scarves, foulards and other accessories, as well as products from the beachwear and underwear lines.

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