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Blooming Africa

The Canepa Group is a world leader in quality textile manufacturing. The entire weaving process, from ennobling to the finished garment, is made in Italy. The history of the Canepa family dates back to the 18th century. Their women’s and men’s clothing fabric divisions are a benchmark for the outstanding international designers worldwide with whom Canepa collaborates, constantly researching and experimenting on varieties of fibres, exploring new solutions to achieve innovative stylistic effects, always guaranteeing excellent results.

African Damasks Collection printed cottons and jacquards

Canepa’s 2020 collection of African damasks unfolds on soft cotton poplin, featuring a cool, dry hand. Its shine due to the wax treatment enhances the extraordinary unique and stunning designs and colors. The prints are designed by Canepa’s creative departments, known for their high level of artistic excellence, that release over 20,000 original designs every year. The vast collection is inspired by traditional and more contemporary African aesthetics, by the colours and by the themes of the geometric designs and stylised flowers.

The Canepa Group employs about 500 employees, 35% of whom are creative technicians, producing about 3 million linear meters of jacquard fabrics, both solid and printed (traditional and inkjet), on more than 160 looms using a proprietary printing press. All the plants are located in Italy to guarantee the highest quality thanks to their constantly upgraded technology. This ensures streamlined production and service to quickly create designs and products on demand.

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