State of Fashion likes Canepa’s sustainable fashion

Canepa is taking its patent to the international event dedicated to the search for a more sustainable and equitable fashion system

Canepa will be one of the key participants of the first edition of State of Fashion slated 1 June to 22 July in Arnhem, Holland. It is the international fashion event totally dedicated to the search for a more sustainable and equitable fashion system.

The chief theme of the first edition of the event is searching for a new luxury and exploring the seductive and innovative power of fashion as a keystone for making the sector more sustainable and fit for the future.

A textile company known the world over for its futuristic production process, Canepa was invited to participate in the 7 weeks of events and exhibits that will be attended by designers, companies, academics and consumers from around the world, united in their search for new definitions of luxury in fashion.

In the exhibit designed by Ontwerpbureau Space & Matter, State of Fashion is exhibiting about 50 projects that explore new definitions of luxury that adapt to our Zeitgeist.

Canepa will be presented as an example of a virtuous company. Its new processing approach in the more sustainable textiles production process that has less of an environmental impact achieved with the SAVEtheWATER® Kitotex® patent will be spotlighted at the event.

For more information, visit Canepa’s page on the State of Fashion website new interdisciplinary approaches: Canepa

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