Canepa is subscribing a new license with Jeckerson

Canepa extends the agreement with Jeckerson, confirming the important partnership between the two Brands.

Thanks to the already established license, Canepa Spa signed a new agreement for the production and the distribution of a Jeckerson underwear man collection. 
The partnership between the two companies, started in 2015 with the beachwear line, is following in an advantageous way with the intention to propose garments of hight quality to more and more trandy and international customers. 
Canepa is already dealing, from many years and with active participation, in the world of licenses with italian and international Brands, they produce and distribute accessories and fashion for. 

Canepa and Jeckerson reconfirmed the license agreement till the year 2020, reinforcing the contents with the introduction of the collection man underwear. 
This new agreement is the very last appreciation for Canepa Spa, as society leader in the silky italian texture hight target world. 

The choice of Canepa Spa, as Partner for the production of the new line, has been motivated by Jeckerson Executive Director, Gian Maria Argentini, with an important estimation: «With the renovation and the enlargement of the range of products developed in the last two years, we have decided to accelerate our programs of growth and together with Canepa we are according the launching of an underwear line. We have decided to do it, enlarging our cooperation with Canepa, because, gratified of the good results with the beachwear line, we are sure of them as Partners of great experience, with creativity and productivity of avantgarde, and we are sure that they feel with us the attention to the quality of the product and the quality of its distribution. The historical archives of Canepa represent for us a sort of extraordinary creative source and a sort of confirmation of the the Made in Italy, which we have reconfirmed and strongly wanted in our company».