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Canepa attends WSM Fahionreboot

Canepa attends WSM Fashionreboot, the first event entirely dedicated to sustainability and innovation in fashion

A project of collaboration and true synergy between institutions, the most important players of the fashion system and sustainability

Milan, 11/12 January – Canepa will play a key role at WSM FASHIONREBOOT, the event taking place in Milan during WHITE, thanks to the support of MISE and ICE Agenzia, in partnership with Confartigianato Imprese, and with the patronage of Comune di Milano.

The brand is acknowledged amidst the world leaders in the high-end silk weaving sector, producing fine fabrics in other natural fibers as well, such as cashmere, wool, cotton, linen and hemp, and always developing accessories and clothing. This first event is dedicated to sustainable innovation and fashion, with the specific purpose of linking the culture of sustainability to the market and the end customers, and Canepa has been selected precisely for its green sensitivity together with other textile companies, fashion brands, research designers and innovative start-ups. The Company is particularly attentive in the protection of the planet, believing that reducing pollution is everyone’s duty and must be handed down to future generations. For this reason, in 2011, Canepa joined as the first textile company in the world Greenpeace Detox campaign, aimed to a transparent and toxic-free supply chain.

Through CanepaEvolution’s research and development department, and consistently with its commitment to sustainable fashion, the Company has conceived and developed patents that manage to significantly reduce water use and CO2 emissions, with great savings of energy, during yarn processing. The SaveTheWater Kitotex patent, made with Biella CNR of and Politecnico di Milano, allows to avoid microplastics thanks to Chitosan, a non-toxic and non-polluting biodegradable substance that allows 95% water saving and 40% CO2 and energy. Candiani Denim, jeans producer for the most popular fashion brands, also attending the event, has immediately adopted the patent, and, thanks to Kitotex, can now say that its jeans are eco-sustainable.

And more, by managing the complete production chain, Canepa can guarantee a total control of all the steps and absolute traceability of all its fabrics, as per the Traceability & Fashion Certification, with periodic surveillance, for products and production lines, issued by Unionfiliere.

At the beginning of 2018, the Canepa brand also obtained the Serico Certification, which certifies the absence of dangerous chemicals and compliance with the MRSL Manufacturing Restricted Substances List, and the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certification for cotton, the most important standard for the sustainable production of clothing and textiles made with natural fibers from organic farming. In addition to its green commitment, Canepa stands out for its creative skills and the most advanced skills in production techniques. Every year, its creative departments produce more than 25 thousand original product designs, shared in the collections: women’s and men’s clothing fabrics, scarves, ties and furnishing fabrics. Despite technology, several Company designers work manually, bringing to life unique and original designs. With its fabrics and clothing division, Canepa is cherished by the greatest international stylists. The dialogue, combined with the constant cooperative relationship with designers, retail and sportswear brands, create products leading to the development of new fabric compositions, new colors and patterns, capable to satisfy the requests of an increasingly demanding market.

The constant research and experimentation on the variety of fibers allows Canepa to explore unprecedented solutions in record time, with innovative stylistic and sensorial effects on the fabric, delivering excellent results. Stylists and packagers can therefore count on a production capacity that combines the efficiency of the tested procedures with the ability to develop creative inputs by generating designs and products on request.

During 2020, the CanepaEvolution department will continue to work on new patents, with particular focus on recycling and circular economy, with a complex project to recycle obsolete fibers, unused fabrics and disused clothes, because environmental protection is now an emergency and Canepa has made its mission of it.

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