Tino Cosma

Tino Cosma

Tino Cosma, une marque italienne pour l'homme élégant, mais aussi sensible à la mode, attentif aux détails, mais qui ne veut être identifié à aucun stéréotype, si ce n’est pour ce qu'il est. 
La collection est présente et active sur le marché italien et européen, ainsi qu’aux États-Unis et au Japon et consiste en un total look de l'accessoire textile : des cravates, à la mer, des pochettes, aux ceintures et les bretelles, des écharpes aux boutons de manchette, incontestablement l'un des fleurons de Canepa.

Italian male elegance

Vittorio Cosma opened a workshop for making tailored ties produced in Italy at Motta di Livenza, near Treviso, right after WWII.

His son Tino started the climb to the great international fashion business in the 1960s by transferring the showroom to Milan and developing a prestigious industrial product. He changed the brand’s logo to Tino Cosma and wove a prominent and widespread sales network that allowed him to develop the brand throughout Italy, in Europe and even in America in around the 1980s, to then once and for all consolidate Tino Cosma in the glittering world of the most fashionable and famous names of world fashion.

Starting from a tie made only by hand, Tino was able to industrially produce a tie of enormous prestige, always selecting the most innovative and advanced patterns, making use of the collaboration of important designers and the aid of students of the Academy of Fine Arts in choosing combinations and types of fabrics.

Besides the tie selection, other textile accessories are selected and proposed. They include scarves, an entire section of formal products, a niche of small leather goods and, in recent years for the summer season, an interesting offering of men’s beachwear made up of swim trunks using the same prints as the ties, T-shirts and linen and cotton shirts.

In 2007, the Tino Cosma brand was absorbed by the Como group Canepa Spa, which brought to the already well-known logo all of its experience in making precious and innovative fabrics and increasingly diverse, bright and impacting colours.

Today the Tino Cosma brand is sold successfully and enthusiastically around the world, and Canepa Spa is dedicating a stand to it at the most famous European exhibition of men’s fashion, Pitti Immagine Uomo, in January in order to promote the winter collection and, in June, to promote the summer collection.